Monday, March 8, 2010

Meet The Surgeon’s Wife

I'm Rebecca.

I designed my dream house repeatedly growing up, drawing sketches and picking out furniture from my mom's catalogs. In a few months, we'll be moving in to our first house and I get to decorate it. It's still thrilling but far more expensive.

I'm a third grade teacher and I love my job. I do, however, need to visit my favorite design blogs on my lunch break to maintain my sanity.

I'm a homebody and would rather stay at home with a glass of wine and good friends than go to a bar.

I've always loved to create, fell in love with cooking and my husband simultaneously, and my new sewing machine is just waiting for our happy little home so I can try my hand at that.

I write from my heart. I will use ellipses incorrectly, but only because it's how it makes sense in my head.

I have a weakness for accessories and anything containing Oreo's.

I was raised in Pittsburgh and will soon learn how to navigate life in the south. Bear with me, y'all.

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