Monday, March 8, 2010

Introducing: A Surgical Renovation

I've been daydreaming about starting a blog for months. It all started when I discovered Young House Love and fell in love became obsessed with it. Sherry and John, the brains behind the operation, started the whole thing when they decided to blog about their kitchen renovation for family and friends and now it is wildly popular and Sherry's full time job. They have fallen in love with their house and continue to do projects to make it suit them perfectly. I'm convinced that we can do that too, and while I don't plan on taking the wind out of their sails and can only hope it might someday become my full time job, this will be my creative outlet to share our passion for our life and our house with the world (but I'd happily start with one follower).

Fast forward to today, after months of visiting their blog twice a day and finding others along the way, I decided to take the plunge. This blog will chronicle the adventures of my husband (the surgeon) and me(the surgeon's wife) as we survive his surgical residency and as we make our little 1928 bungalow our home.

The surgeon came up with the name because not only do we does he plan on renovating and restoring our new-to-us home, but his life as a resident will surely renovate our lives. Come join us for the ride.

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