Monday, May 10, 2010

We are homeowners!

We closed on our house last weekend and have spent the past week creating a LOT of sawdust. Austin stayed in NC all week and was joined by his father and they worked sun up to sun down to make our house meet our visions. Here's the recap:

-Attic: floor reinforced, new plywood down (and level!), knee walls almost done, new windows purchased

-Laundry Room: completely gutted, re-framing started on outside wall, window and tile purchased

-Kitchen: under the cabinet lights installed, hole cut to move fridge, 1960s oven gone, new oven awaiting delivery

The "carriage house" (how many people do you know have one of those babies!) is full of debris and wood. I frequently get picture text messages of our house in various states of disrepair, I've done the 7 hour drive back and forth two weekends in a row, and the list only continues to grow before we move in.

A big, fat, thank you goes out to my husband and father in law for all of the blood and sweat (the only tears are on my end that I know of!) that has gone into our house already. I trust A completely with this task- so I'll just finish my last 21 days of school and daydream about how I'll decorate it ;)

P.S. Pictures to come- I'm too tired to upload them now!

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